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Love and Smokey Cinnamon-Sugar Popcorn


Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having a great 2015 so far. I’ve been crazy busy lately, preparing for my dietetic internship which starts NEXT WEEK!

**insert freak out here**

That also means I haven’t had a lot of time to try new recipes and test blog ideas, which is why I am so happy to be a part of the Recipe Redux. It helps me get my butt into gear and start experimenting!

This month’s Recipe Redux theme is all about smokey flavors. My instant thought was using some kind of spice, so I finally got my hands on some smoked paprika.

It’s pretty awesome. Paprika itself has a pretty mild taste. It’s often used to add color, but getting the smoked paprika helps give recipes a serious smoked flavor!

I also recently tried popping my own popcorn (on a stove) and it was a GAME changer!

Microwave popcorn is tasty, don’t get me wrong, but often, it is LOADED with salt, fat and who knows what else. ​


Making it stovetop allows you to control all the not so great things while adding so much flavor. l’m not huge fan of adding a lot of fat and sugar, but sometimes you just gotta indulge. Popcorn is a great way to do that too. It’s kind of a perfect snack because it has that salty, light flavor that we all like from chips and the like, but it also has fiber and is generally low in calories!That means if you’re hungry and craving a salty/sweet treat, this will satisfy your craving while also filling you up a little until your next meal.

Look out for more recipes with popcorn because this is such a cool way to experiment with different spices!

Let’s get cooking!



Smokey Cinnamon-Sugar PopcornIngredients

1/2 cup popcorn kernels
1/2 tsp smoked paprika
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 tbsp sugar
1/4 cup vegetable
Salt, to tasteInstructions
1. In a large pot (something that can hold 3 quarts or more) on medium heat, add the oil. Make sure you have a secure lid for the pot you choose. 
2. Heat it up for about a minute. In a separate bowl, combine the paprika, cinnamon and sugar. 
3. After about a minute of the oil heating up, add in the spices and sugar mixture and stir, until it looks like it has dissolved. This should only take a few seconds and it is okay if it isn’t completely dissolved. Add a pinch of salt here too.
4. Add the kernels. The oil should evenly coat the kernels. Keep an eye on the pot. Once you see the first kernel pop into popcorn, quickly put the lid on as the popcorn will quickly begin to pop. Careful not to burn yourself!
5. You’ll know when it’s almost done when the popping sound slows, or until you don’t hear any popping when counting to 3. You can also move the pot from front to back to ensure it is evenly cooking
6. Remove from the pot and sprinkle with a little extra salt!


If you look at the oil we add here, it may seem like a lot and the kernels may seem like not a lot, but trust me, it makes TONS! Also, I used about equal parts cinnamon and paprika, so the smokiness is very minimal.
 I didn’t want it to overpower the sweet flavor of the cinnamon and sugar, but if you wanna achieve more smokiness, sprinkle a little added paprika! It’s a beautiful color, it tastes amazing and it is a great sweet and salty snack!

As always, I hope you enjoy!

Lots of LOVE,

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