bringing the love back to your relationship with food

About Me

I started this blog in the beginning of 2014, but never thought it would become such a happy part of my life. I have grown to completely love learning to cook and experiment with new, different flavors and ingredients.

In addition to my education and professional experiences, I began my blog with the strong belief that loving what you eat (see: Intuitive Eating!) can quiet all those voices in your head that keep you from having a happy relationship with your self, food and even, life.
The idea developed after I posted a few photos on Instagram of various foods that I have prepared…and also one photo of pomegranates in the shape of a Christmas tree. I captioned the photos with “love and…” and followed it with the name of the food.  Why the word love, you ask?

A year or two before I started Love&Grub, I fell back in love with food after years and years of dieting, restricting, self-loathing and having a truly unhealthy relationship with things that taste oh so good.

In addition to my love for food, I was so fortunate to meet and fall in love with my wonderful husband Steve, which gave me a whole new perspective on life and love.

As the blog and my life developed in the almost 5 years since I first started it, I realized that it’s more than just that.
Bringing the love back into your relationship with food also means love for yourself and the self-compassion we somehow don’t know how to use. 

So with this love of food and love of love, here I am to give you a new perspective on how important love is when it comes to your mind and body.



A few FUN facts about me!

1. Steve and I both HATE onions (are we meant to be, or what?) so you probably won’t find any onion in my recipes, but feel free to always add it, if you like them! (Cooked onions do add lots of flavor, so do it!) 
2. My first “career” was in politics, which I worked in throughout college but a few months after graduation, I decided to leave it all behind to learn about nutrition!
3. Quitting my job in politics forced me to get a waitressing job while I went to grad school. That very waitressing job led me to meeting Steve (and one of my besties!)…now I’m a firm believer in things will work out how they are supposed to.
4. If there is mac&cheese and/or roasted Brussels sprouts on a menu, there is a 97.9% chance I’m ordering one or both…in addition to my entree. Lucky for me, they are V in right now.
5. I’m currently a Campus Dietitian at a university in Philly and LOVE it!

I hope you enjoy my recipes, thoughts and rambles as much as I have enjoyed sharing them with you. Please feel free to leave me any feedback or questions!


Lots of LOVE,